New Mexico Crisis and Access Line “Here to Hear You”

New Mexico Crisis and Access Line “Here to Hear You”

First launched in 2013, the New Mexico Crisis and Access Line provides both mental health and
substance abuse crisis and warm line services through a single, professionally staffed phone number, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across the entire state for all New Mexicans.

NMCAL faced two barriers: (1) low awareness and recognition of their services and (2)
continued stigma and social isolation barriers to seeking help.

The assignment was to design and implement an integrated marketing plan to make those in
need aware of NMCAL and to increase public awareness and promote the crisis line, focusing
on anti-stigma, community wellness and community connection. The campaign served as a
foundation to additional phases to further promote and leverage the Crisis and Access Hotline
around Peer Line Support and pre-point of the Crisis Warm Line.

The campaign was focused on the state-of-mind, thoughts and feelings of New Mexico
residents and their loved ones who are suffering from acute behavioral health issues and who
are at immediate risk of hurting themselves or others. Secondary audiences included
counselors/therapists, doctors and nurses, advocates, community leaders, educational and
faith-based institutions, law enforcement, veteran elders, the unemployed and media

Most Compelling Idea – Someone is here to help.

Campaign – Here to Hear You

Over the 5 months of the campaign, we saw:
79% increase in calls answered
117% increase in unique website visitors
1.68 million earned media reach
3,100 radio and tv ads
7,000 trackable ad clicks to website